Accelerate your Project Management

Do you often have problems keeping track of all your projects? Do long acceptance and approval processes paralyze the flow of work? Do you lack an overview of which of your resources are tied up where and for how long?

Good that MITRA PM can help you with these and many other issues! MITRA PM is a web-based project management software and supports your company in the successful completion of your projects.

Sustainable project management

Take care of your projects, not the processes.

Intuitive use

No unnecessary features that only complicate the work of you and your team.

Automate your workflows

Plan, check and release in one tool. Secure and always traceable.

Stay on track

With many projects, it is easy to lose the overview. Not with MITRA PM.

Main Features

Project initialization

Keep track of which projects are started. A structured project initialization helps you to do this.

Resource planning

With resource planning in MITRA PM, you always have an overview of which resource is scheduled where and for how long.

Status reporting

Status reports are a good way to ensure continuous communication with your stakeholders. This way, everyone involved is always aware of the current status.

Time tracking

To ensure a clean accounting of project hours, MITRA PM supports you with an integrated time recording.

Task management

Assign tasks and manage them classically as a list or agilely in the Kanban board.

Work packages

Plan the work packages of your projects and display them in a timeline. This allows you to quickly identify overlaps.

Risk management

Risks harbor not only challenges but also opportunities. Nevertheless, you should always keep both in mind. MITRA PM helps you to do so.


Especially when several projects work together, for example in programs, dependencies arise. These should be identified early on to avoid problems later on. MITRA PM offers you support here as well.

Change Management

Manage change requests and release them directly in MITRA PM via the integrated workflow.


Milestones are important intermediate steps in every project. MITRA PM has an overview of the current status for you at all times.

Project Dashboard

For a quick overview of your project, the project dashboard is available. Here you can quickly find out about the most important project KPIs.


You can obtain releases and approvals quickly and transparently with the self-configurable workflow functions of MITRA PM.

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